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Saturday, September 8, 2007

On The Difficulty of Rhyming SCNT

by Don C. Reed

There is a technique called SCNT, which everyone will someday understand;
It will be funded by Congress, praised by Presidents, and every leader in the land.
It has, in fact, already been praised by former Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter;
And as for the current occupant of the White House? He hasn’t-- but he ought’a!

Like DNA research, also once opposed, (until it made insulin),
SCNT is a wonderful technique, for the life-saving effort we are in.
To take a cell out of a person, and merge it with an emptied egg,
May help us defeat diabetes, may prevent the amputation of a leg.

Instead of transplanting a kidney, why not re-grow one’s own?
Or study a disease, in Petri dish cells? About that no one should moan.
To make disease-specific stem cell lines, (and lower drug testing costs),
And build non-rejectable replacement organs? SCNT must not be lost.

Should we grow new skin for a burn victim, restore motion to the paralyzed?
End ALS, blindness, deafness, cancer, and Aids—would that not be wise?
Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer, it is hard to find rhymes for that—
But SCNT possibilities-- in potential it is so fat!

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