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Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Perry Survey Comments

6. Any other comments?
Note: I corrected spelling and punctuation simply to make the comments clearer, but I have not corrected the responders’ grammar or changed any statements made even though some comments given by participants are not supported by scientific facts:

  • There are many ways to utilize already available cells. Abortions may be one route. At least the option should be available to the woman if she wants to donate. Too much control of OUR bodies. There are possibilities out there if only the religion were taken out of it. Live and let live and perhaps many more can in a better fashion.

  • This is important for people for so many reasons. Let’s help people that are already alive and not worry so much about cells in a Petri dish.

  • To NOT fund and encourage stem cell research of any kind is ignorant and regressive. My hope is that soon we will reach an enlightened state that enables us to truly care for each other and for future generations.

  • Too much good could be done for spinal cord injuries, diseases, organ replacements, etc. to not fund this research.

  • Try being a cancer patient or paralyzed patient with little hope of survival...we have got to research any possibility for treatments and cures that can help!!!

  • We all know who is really behind NOT wanting stem cell research done. It is time. There could be many lives that can be saved!

  • We’ve lost so much time because of the Bush administration and the outright lies concerning this research from the religious right.

  • While I am a Christian, I do NOT believe that an embryo is a living being. Therefore I feel the government should provide funding for research done on blastocyst stem cells.

These are some very eye-opening comments! Notice that more than half the responders to my survey base their opinion about blastocyst stem cell research on what they’ve heard in the media. Sixty-seven percent of the responders to my survey claim to be Christians and yet the results show 77.6% of them disagree with the president’s belief that an embryo is destroyed through blastocyst research. Ninety-two percent of those who took my survey believe blastocystic stem cell research may provide cures for disease and 75% say the government should step up to the plate and start funding the research.

If you would like to give your personal opinion about stem cell research, go to http://www.right2recover.com/ and participate in the survey I have set up online. Your comments will remain anonymous and I reserve the right to include the answers in any future book I write.

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