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Friday, January 16, 2009

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This interview was conducted by Nikki Leigh and was originally posted on her blog in 2007.

Nikki – Yvonne, it’s great to have you with us today. I was reading about your books and saw that you wrote More Than Meets the Eye: True Stories about Death, Dying and Afterlife. Can you tell us a bit about that book? Also, did any part of this book and research lead you to your current book, Right to Recover?

Yvonne – More than Meets the Eye covers many aspects of the dying and grieving process such as hospice care, post-mortem processes, assisting the passing of a loved one, suicide, and yes, the controversial topic of euthanasia. It also presents near-death experience and spirit visits from deceased loved ones and other topics people are somewhat reluctant to talk about. The book offers non-religious information and insight to assist people in finding peace about the mysterious process of transitioning back to God/Source. I included a collection of stories people shared with me, as well as a few of my own observations, opinions and experiences. There’s a legal document that may be used as a living will is included in the appendix.

I’ve always been intrigued by death. As a child it was common for my parents to take me with them to a funeral home when someone from our church died. The experience did not upset me. In fact, I actually enjoyed trying to read the cursive writing on those tiny cards tucked between the mums and roses! I can remember sitting in church and listening to the preacher talk about Heaven. If Heaven is so wonderful, I reasoned in my young mind, why are people so sad when someone dies and goes there? As a young adult, I watched my family deal with our own critically ill loved ones, and was again puzzled by their hesitancy to let them go.

I have had a few “close calls” with death, and I do not fear what is on the other side. It’s the suffering on this side that I absolutely have no use for. That is one reason I wrote RIGHT TO RECOVER; I want see an end of sickness and debilitating injuries. If stem cell research offers a cure for anything, it is worth a try.

Nikki – It seems to me that your book Right to Recover is very timely. There are many people who read the media reports and have heard about the senate debate and the president’s veto. But, many of these people probably have very little “technical” knowledge about the subject. I am fascinated with the things I’ve learned while organizing your tour. However, I’ll admit science was not my best subject in school. Could I still understand the information in your book? I guess the easy question is, can people with limited knowledge about the subject read your book and understand the details?

Yvonne – Yes, I purposely wrote the book in laymen’s’ terms so everyone can understand it. I’ve had several reviews that support the fact that the book is an easy, but very educational read.

Nikki – There seems to be a lot of “moral” debate about using stem cells. Would you share one of the common objections to stem cell research and how you would debate that objection?

Yvonne – Many people have been led to believe that blastocystic (embryonic) stem cell research destroys embryos. When they think of embryos, they think of a tiny baby. Therefore, they think a baby is being killed for research. This is not true. The research is conducted in a lab on a cluster of cells that have not begun to become anything but more cells. A fertilized egg in a lab is equal to any other type of cell. The fact that it could become a baby if implanted in a womb scares some people, who have a fearful view of a punishing God. They believe these cells are more human and therefore more sacred because of their potential. Why they may not be considering is now much better a life they could create for those who are already suffering in full human condition. The sad part is that these blastocysts leftover from in vitro fertilization are being thrown away without giving science a chance to study them.

Nikki – Do you have an objection to stem cell research after all your in depth research on the subject? If so, are you willing to share details about it with us?

Yvonne – No, I have not had any reservation from the start and since my research, I am even more convinced that we need to harness the potential these cells have. I didn’t understand cloning when I began my research, and I had some concerns about it. After my research I am very supportive of therapeutic cloning.

Nikki – It seems that one of the big problems is that people are getting a lot of misinformation about stem cell research. How do you feel we can convince people that they NEED to learn the facts?

Yvonne – That is the very reason I wrote RIGHT TO RECOVER. I’m hoping that organizations, foundations, and political figures that support stem cell research will let others know that my book is available. Hopefully, any publicity I do for the book will help people understand that they do NOT understand. Everyone who has read the book says they are much more informed afterward. Those who have heard about it, want to get hold of a copy. I’ve got a list of people waiting to purchase the book once it goes to print.

Nikki - In the writing and promotional classes I create, I often tell people they will learn and accomplish more – if they approach the information with an open mind. Would it help people to approach your book with an open mind? If so, how does will that help them?

Yvonne – Absolutely. Anytime we approach a situation or person with our opinion already set in concrete, we will not likely be changed even with logic or scientific proof.

Nikki – What sort of reactions are people in other parts of the world having to stem cell research? Do you think these reactions will hurt or help stem cell research in the United States?

Yvonne - Strangely enough, the US is the most closed-minded and causes much of the controversy worldwide. That’s because we have a president who condemns the research, and he has a great amount of influence on the political members of the United Nations. Most countries do have guidelines and governmental oversight to the research. Countries that have a relaxed religious majority are able to proceed without as much hindrance, but many of them depend upon grants and funding that come from the US.

Nikki –Are there any final comments that you would like to share with us?

Yvonne – I want to thank you again for having me as your guest. If anyone wants more information about the book or about stem cell research, you might be interested in visiting my blog http://www.right2recover.com/

Nikki - Right to Recover deals with a very important subject that we need to understand. The repercussions or the benefits for the present and the future generations, make it crucial that we get a better understanding of this topic.


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