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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

New Jersey People of Faith in Favor of Blastocystic Stem Cell Research

The national group, People of Faith for Stem Cell Research, is reaching out in support of the New Jersey Stem Cell Research Bond Act! Here is the e-mail which was sent to their membership.

Dear Signer of the "People of Faith for Stem Cell Research" petition,

We began the petition (www.pfaith.org) in favor of stem cell research a couple of years ago. Thank you for joining many thousands of Americans across the country in signing that petition, thereby voicing your support for this potentially life-saving research.

We send email to signers very rarely, but we feel that this is a crucial moment -on Tuesday, November 6th, those who live in New Jersey will have the opportunity to vote in favor of the New Jersey Stem Cell Research Bond Act. If you don't already know about this ballot proposal, please visit www.njforhope.org.

We fervently request that you give your support to this measure. And that you ask everyone you know to vote in favor too. This legislation will help to make New Jersey a leader in the search for stem cell therapies through public funding of the research.

Scientists understand that potential effective remedies for many illnesses are locked inside stem cells. As New Jersey advocates say, "Putting New Jersey on the cutting edge of stem cell research means hope for millions and a tremendous boon to the economy of New Jersey. "

Many people in New Jersey may not be aware that this matter is going to be on the ballot. On Sunday and Monday, please talk with friends, family, and colleagues and explain to them the importance of this ballot measure.

This promises to be a close election. With your help, we believe we can win! Thank you for your attention to this message.

Raymond Barglow, Ph.D., Board member, Stem Cell Action Network.

If you know someone in New Jersey, you might want to call and remind them to go to the polls today. Urge them to vote in favor of the New Jersey Stem Cell Research Bond Act.

People of Faith For Stem Cell Research is an organization which began with the efforts of Lisa and Jack Reed of the First United Methodist Church in Tupelo Mississippi. On the People of Faith’s website, www.pfaith.org this description is given about the group:

Who We Are

We are Americans of religious faith who support stem cell research. And we do so because this research holds promise for alleviating the suffering and saving the lives of more than 100 million Americans.

This campaign began when 105 families living in Mississippi and Alabama decided to take action on this vital issue. In July 2001, we wrote a letter to President Bush on the subject of stem cell research. Although we have not yet succeeded in gaining his full support for this scientific effort, we remain hopeful that he can be reached and convinced… We support public policy that will enable scientists to explore the full potential of this promising new field of medicine.

We are now building a nationwide grassroots effort to bring this matter to the attention of the President and to the public. We are of all ages and ethnic backgrounds, and our walks of life and political affiliations are diverse, as are our religious traditions. We are united by our recognition of the healing promise of stem cell research….

The tides are turning for our Right to Recover!

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