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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Attitudes toward embryonic (blastocystic) stem cell research is changing

If only more people were truthfully informed about the topic, more people would support this important and promising research. Read an article about a poll/study here...

Right to Recover gives the facts and shows how the medical community and media are propagating opposition by calling the research by a name which suggests that a human baby is being formed inside a woman's womb. In spite of the fact that the research is called "embryonic" stem cell research, this is simply not the case. The cells that are beginning to show promise and potential for healing of many diseases is performed on a blastocyst in a lab (petri) dish.  The ones not used by the donating parents are being thrown away. Wouldn't you rather have them put to good use to find a possible cure for a disease like diabetes or spinal cord injury. 

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