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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Can stem cell therapy help arthritis and auto-immune diseases?

I got this from a writer friend who is also a reader of my book. I want to share it with you. I'll keep you posted on her journey and progress.

Dear Yvonne,

Since I have known you, your book (RIGHT TO RECOVER) have been in my mind.

Not long ago, my niece developed symptoms of arthritis and auto-immune diseases and she is in pretty tough condition. She has been to a number of physicians--all of whom have failed to help her. After I thought about her condition, I mentioned you and your book. I suggested she look into stem cell therapy.

She called this evening to tell us she has an appointment with a doctor in NY. She has done her research and feels the procedure holds promise for her. Luckily, she kept the cord from their 1-year-old daughter and there is a chance that stem cells will help her recapture her prior good health.

Thank you, Yvonne, for educating me and helping my niece.

We will never know all the good that comes from our writing. But just knowing that good will come of our work is the finest reward that anyone could ask for.

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