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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Addressing Election Events with Facts, Not Emotion

Mark Miller, the owner of Special Needs Truth '08 is a democrat, who worked in the Clinton Administration, including the White House. He has a daughter with autism and is concerned about how the outcome of the presidential election will affect kids with special needs.

I enjoy reading Mark's blog because of the way he addresses the election events with facts not tied to emotional outbursts. For example, in his bio he says:

After Gov. Palin and Sen. McCain decided to make special-needs kids an election issue, I saw some parents embracing their rhetoric without knowing any facts about the candidates' positions or records. I would never tell you or anyone how to vote. But if you have a child, with or without special needs, ask questions and get the facts before you decide who you want to lead our country. If you see an error in this blog or want to share your own opinions, please leave a comment.

I like that kind of honesty and willingness to hearing both sides of an issue. I encourage you to visit the blog and learn more.


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