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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Living Human Beings Have a Right to Recover

The entire human body has stem cells but some have already become the only thing they can be. For example, liver cells can only reproduce more liver cells.

Younger stem cell (multipotent and pluripotent) have more capabilities than established stem cells. Therefore, cord blood has more potential for curing illness than "older" or unipotent stem cells. 

The cells that are meeting with controversy are the ones called embryonic stem cells. They have the most potential because they can become any type of cell. Scientists want to program them in the lab to grow new parts and repair bodies. These cells are created in vitro for fertility purposes. When the owners no longer need them, the cells will be thrown away. These stem cells could be used for research but right wing ultra-conservatives have made a big deal about them being "babies" instead of the blastocyst cells they are. 

I'm more concerned about the opportunity we are throwing away. These cells could create a better life and improved health for living humans who are suffering than I am about arguing whether or not live begins in a petri dish or in the uterus.

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