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Monday, March 30, 2009

Tissue and cells do NOT have souls

If you believe that two cells jointed to form one is equal to human life, you really need to rethink your position. Human life exists in a human body. Spirit life exists in ALL things.

If you think that cells created in a Petri dish are equal to human life, you would be opposing in vitro fertilization, not stem cell research. These leftover cells are being thrown in the trash or washed down the drain. Might not that be the real crime? Especially when these cells could hold the potential for improving and healing human life that already exists. Denying the right to recover to those who need it most is a crime.

Did you know that many fertilized cells are flushed in the menstrual cycle each month? Not every fertilized egg implants itself. There is a difference in fertilization and conception. Fertilization can occur in a woman's body or in a Petri dish. Conception can ONLY occur in a woman's body!

If you believe that God is in complete control of everything, wouldn't you also agree that HE is cruel to allow death of any kind to occur? But, if God was really opposed to death, which is a normal part of the life cycle, HE would not support war or killing in self-defense.

That is where most people err. God is not a person. God is the creative energy of the Universe. God doesn't have an agenda or a preference. Storms come and go destroying everything in their paths, but this is part of life on earth. We humans have free will to choose whatever we want to create. I choose to create life and healing. I choose research on all types of stem cells because I truly believe that they contain healing and life-restoring potential.

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