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Friday, March 27, 2009

How to Keep from Destroying Blastocysts

The only way to keep from destroying the blastocysts leftover from in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures is to implant all the blastocysts or do away with in vitro fertilization all together. And, in Italy that is exactly what the Vatican would like to see happen.

Italy’s IVF law says a woman cannot utilize IVF unless she’s married. She can’t use donated eggs or sperm so that does away with surrogacy. To them, surrogacy is equal to a married man or woman having sex with another man or woman to whom they are not married. Only three eggs can be fertilized at a time and all three blastocysts have to be implanted into the womb. That means a woman could conceive multiple pregnancies simultaneously. Worse yet, the triplets may have a disease or be deformed.

In Italy, a doctor who violates any part of the IVF law can be imprisoned for up to three years. In 2005, Italians held a referendum on whether to change the law on fertility treatments and stem cell research. Those efforts failed because Catholic bishops, with the support of Pope Benedict XVI, persuaded registered voters to stay away from the polls. Talk about religious control and loss of free will—that tops it all. The scientists who are trying to find cures are not interested in creating Frankensteins. Religious and political leaders who lie to us are the monsters we need to worry about!

It’s not right to deny anyone the privilege of being able to have children through in vitro assistance. I don’t think anyone wants to lose the remarkable IVF procedure in the U.S, but if we don’t open our eyes and start taking action to put a stop to the control religion and government has over us, we will soon be in no better shape than Italy.

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